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  • Joanna Henderson

    Joanna Henderson

    Canadian. Mental health activist. Banker and financier who drinks too much coffee. Pursuing happiness and sharing my thoughts with others.

  • Geo Snelling

    Geo Snelling

    Writing my thoughts with the goal of prompting yours, from a timezone consisting of only 5M people. I work at a confluence of art and software engineering.

  • Julian Harcourt

    Julian Harcourt

    Owner greyafro marketing, interested in ageing & longevity (but aren't we all?)

  • Ysabel de la Rosa

    Ysabel de la Rosa

    Poet, nonfiction writer, designer, translator, editor. Culture vulture. Survivor of medical mysteries. Dedicated to the arts of healing and understanding.

  • Sally Jane

    Sally Jane

    SME Co-Founder and Start-Up Business Coach. Animal Sanctuary volunteer and mother of three. Small time farmer with big plans.

  • Jessica W.

    Jessica W.

    AKA Not Carrie Bradshaw. Writer and Podcast Host covering style, pop culture, mental health.

  • Luca Maria Aiello

    Luca Maria Aiello

    Computational social science research @BellLabs Cambridge, UK. Formerly @YahooResearch and fellow of @ISI_fondazione in Torino, Italy.

  • Vanda Bajs

    Vanda Bajs

    Media researcher, writer in progress. I express my opinions on feminism, culture, social justice and everything in between.

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