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Amanda O'Shaughnessy
Communications Manager and Writer based in London. Tackling womanhood, empowerment and mental health with a background in beauty and wellness.

This is really brave and reflective, Shannon. The whole history doesn't sit well for so many reasons. The fact that Chrissy made her reasons very public when she temporarily quit Twitter recently. This could have been an ideal time to reflect on her-not-so-polished past.

But also the comments themselves are incredibly troubling and disturbing. Wishing suicide or death on someone is an intense and awful thing to think, never mind actively write to someone. Granted, she's had 10 years to reflect, grow, evolve, and improve. But in the moment of being called out, turning it back onto herself feels narcissistic and not at all earnest. I'm not seeing growth in this at all.

This is such an honest and thought-provoking piece, Laura! It's an uncomfortable aspect to confront, but you've hit the nail on the head. Women are victims of the constructs built, and we get caught up in - and become an active part of - the problem subconsciously.

Love this article! It's a great point - the lines are blurred. I think I'd be lying when I say I exercise solely for my health and endorphins. There's always an aspect of vanity involved, it's sadly hardwired into us whether we like it or not.

For some of us, the path to parenthood isn’t always clear-cut.

Photo by Vitolda Klein on Unsplash

There appears to be a very real baby boom happening. The baby news among friends, peers, and National Health Service antenatal appointment stats in the last few months are all living proof. But the reality I live in, one where I am no more certain about having children than I was in my 20s (I’ve just celebrated my 36th birthday), means this steep change has brought my indecisiveness into very sharp, prodding, and uncomfortable focus.

And it turns out, I don’t particularly like confronting the decision, the biological or the societal pressures. Yet to not consider parenthood seriously feels like…

Thank you for writing and sharing this. It's brilliant to learn of clinics created especially to provide support for this, but saddened by the fact that ultimately, many will only have access to the standard services that leave many feeling this way. It would be brilliant to see the healthcare professionals involved trained to better cope and carefully handle the needs of victims, and for those involved in campaigning to realise meeting fear by inciting more fear just isn't the right route.

THIS!!! I confess I giggled at those moments, but what I always found uncomfortable was the episode where Monica verbalises that if she hadn’t lost weight, would Chandler have ever considered her. Yet she's the one left apologising for the toe incident which ultimately overshadows Chandler's cruel comments and all is forgotten!...

This is an eyeopener. I've disregarded opportunities seen, thinking I'd need background and thorough understanding of the genre / area in hand. But your point on your journey into personal injury law is inspired. You're right, it's your ability as a writer to be able to channel the purpose and emotional elements which are where you bring the content to life.

This is excellent and so on the money. It takes courage to rise above, a bigger person to channel empathy at this sort of reaction, and genius to use it as inspiration to fuel the next creation! Bravo, this will be permanently pinned to my reading list.

I hope you go easier on yourself, Shannon! From speaking to a lot of people and reading the comments here, it's clear it's a universal issue right now. I never worked from home until the pandemic, there are elements I love but equally there's an unhealthy lack of parameters. No commute, no hard definition between 'work' and 'rest' locations to define when you can begin and stop, switch off, and give yourself physical distance. And that's been compounded in lockdowns, for you especially if you've been working from home even before all this. So, we all remain slightly plugged in. "Oh, I could do one more thing" *opens laptop* I think the process of learning how to switch off, to respect breaks and time out in this environment as part of a healthy productivity approach is going to be a learning curve. But definitely go gentle while you do learn.

The intermittent fasting ads equally promising the impossible are getting under my skin at the moment. It doesn't matter how many times I say I don't want to see this ad anymore and they promise to tailor them next time, one always creeps in.

Amanda O'Shaughnessy

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